October 11, 20220

How to Maintain your individuality while being in a relationship?

  A typical relationship scenario is as follows: Before you know it, you are sifting through the relationship in search of any traces of the person you were when you first fell in love. You begin the relationship feeling like the best version of yourself that you have ever been. “That individual, where did I

January 19, 20220

Types of mental illness you should be aware of..

  The following are some of the most common types of mental illnesses:  Mood problems (such as depression or bipolar disorder)  Anxiety problems  abnormalities of the personality  psychiatric illnesses (such as schizophrenia)  disordered eating  Trauma-related illnesses (such as post-traumatic stress disorder)  Disorders of substance abuse  The diagnosis of a mental disorder is sometimes contentious. In

August 5, 20210

Signs That Your Mental Health Is Improving

We can feel the first signs of depression abating and then continue to experience symptoms of depression, just as we can feel a heavy snowfall after the spring ephemerals emerge. We can make progress toward a full recovery with more time and treatment.  Look for the following signs, among others, that may indicate depression relief: 

July 16, 20210

How To Make The Rest Of The Year Count

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the year. The older we get, the faster the years seem to fly by!  How has this year been for you so far? Did you get everything done that you wanted to?  Review what needs to be accomplished this year. This necessitates a rethinking of your projects

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