June 13, 20220

Why is Networking important?

If you own a small business in the beauty industry, networking can help you meet new clients and form industry ties. However, if you’re new to the beauty market, you might be unsure where to go for the best networking opportunities for your company.  This article examines networking events in the beauty business, including:  What

July 27, 20210

The Ultimate Guide To Brand Image

Consider a favourite brand. What makes it so special?  Is the customer service exceptional? What about high-quality goods? Prices that are reasonable?  Taking it a step further, does the brand reflect your own personal values? Do you have the impression that it truly “gets” you and understands what you’re looking for?  The brand image of

July 20, 20210

Social Media Decisions To Take This July

Many people, especially those of us who work full-time and then some, struggle with time management. We must be constantly aware of how we spend our time, or we risk becoming overburdened with work or household responsibilities. Personally, we have to be careful not to become engrossed in social media. It all starts with checking

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