Indrani Herbal Face Pack


  • Rejuvenating skin tightening pack
  • Removes tiny wrinkles & stress
  • Improves skin colour


Bentonite, Kaolin, Glycerine, Sodium Methyl Paraben, Sodium Propyl Paraben, Perfume, Water

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Indrani Cosmetics Herbal Face Pack has many benefits. There are packs that make the skin tight and firm. Those of you who are fighting with acne, Indrani Cosmetics herbal face pack can be excellent to clear the pimple infection and combat acne. Other than that it has a great way to keep the skin supple and its texture better. It has been seen that regular application of Indrani Herbal Face Pack with good skin care routine leads to healthy skin which helps you stay a lot younger even when you age. There is a Indrani Cosmetics face pack for everyone whether you are struggling with acne and pimple or wish to have glowing skin.

Indrani Cosmetics Herbal Face Pack is a rejuvenating skin tightening pack. It removes tiny wrinkles and stress. This product improves skin color. It reduces the secretion of excess oil, cleans clog pores and prevents pimples. Its made with natural ingredients.

Mix the herbal face pack with rose water to make a paste. Apply on face and neck. Wait till it dries. Rinse with cold water. Use once a week for a rejuvenating effect. This could be followed by Indrani Astringent or Indrani Skin Tonic for a fresh feeling.

How to use: Mix with rose water to make a paste. Apply on face and neck. Wait till dry. Rinse with cold water. Could be followed by lndrani astringent or skin tonic for more freshness.


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