Is Coffee bad for your health? | Is coffee ruining your skin?

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Coffee is a topic that normally generates a lot of discussions. Is it true that coffee dehydrates you? Is it beneficial to your health? Is it true that coffee is detrimental to your skin?


Caffeine, like sodium and alcohol, dehydrates our bodies. They induce the liver to work overtime, resulting in toxic buildup in the body. When our systems are overburdened with toxins, low-level toxins that find their way to our skin disturb good skin function. While we can sing coffee’s virtues as a laxative, it is also a diuretic, meaning it causes you to lose water, which has a direct impact on your skin. Inflammation and premature ageing are caused by dehydrated skin. Furthermore, if you don’t drink enough water to clear your system, toxin accumulation in your skin can cause problems.

Glycation is a destructive sweetener.

Sugar induces glycation, which causes inflammation and accelerated ageing in addition to dehydration and acne.

And what happens to all that tannin? It is metabolised by your liver, which is responsible for filtering toxins from your body. Unfortunately, the liver stores a significant amount of these poisons over time, contributing to liver spots on your skin.

Tannin Accumulation

Coffee and black tea both contain tannins. His English/Irish grandparents survived well into their 90s, according to a close male acquaintance, because they drank so much tea that it protected their internal organs and turned their skin like soft leather. While the narrative is unsupported by science, it does point to the fact that tannins, which are found in coffee and black teas, are used to tan animal hides into leather.

It’s all about moderation and balance. Reduce some of your skin-damaging habits for at least two weeks and notice how your skin reacts. Pay attention to your body! Examine your skin. Drink only one cup of black coffee (fair trade and/or organic) in the morning and no later than 11 a.m., for example. You can also replace your coffee with a non-dairy alternative such as almond or coconut milk.

Solution? Everything should be done in moderation.

Overall, drinking too much coffee, especially with all the milk and sugar, will age you faster than you want. So, how do you go about it? Less is more is my motto. Slowly wean yourself off of it, but try. Make an effort. To flush out toxins and combat dehydration, drink more water. Reduce your caffeine consumption or switch to decaf or green tea. It’s not simple, but it’s worthwhile to try.

Hope it helps!