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You’ve most likely heard of Korean beauty, sometimes known as “K-beauty,” and may even be a fan of Korean beauty products and/or the iconic multistep Korean skin care programme. No matter how much experience you have with Korean beauty, there’s a good chance you still have questions about it, whether you want to know what makes it different from other products or just want to get the facts right (e.g., do I really need to take all 10 steps?).

We’ve all heard that Korean skincare regimes are excellent. The famed 10-step Korean skincare regimen, which begins with an oil cleanser and ends with a night cream, has been sampled by most of us from prominent lines like AmorePacific and Belif.

What is K-beauty, or Korean beauty? 

Korean beauty products, at their most basic level, are those that originate and are manufactured in Korea. Typically, the items are designed with the Korean beauty philosophy in mind. This is what it entails. 

Korean beauty products and routines are intended to last a long time. 

Sure, there are creams that claim to peel your face overnight or reduce redness swiftly. When skin care is addressed with the expectation of immediate results, it’s understood that at best, the results may not endure, and at worst, the products may potentially harm the skin—which, in my opinion, is worse than having no effect at all!

Instead, with consistency and a highly individualised skin care routine, the focus is on gently nurturing the skin toward your desired goals, whatever they may be. It reminds me a lot of exercising out. A crash diet may “work,” but the results are often difficult to maintain, or worse, this type of dieting can be damaging to the body. A consistent healthy diet and training plan, on the other hand, provide you benefits that you can preserve and are safe strategies to achieve well-being. What’s more, this long-term, mild technique is what really helps skin get that lit-from-within radiance that is synonymous with K-distinctive beauty’s healthy, moisturised, and bouncy look.

What does this imply in terms of products? There are essences, serums, ampoules, and several masks to pick from in order to absorb hydration and nourishment one gentle, thin layer at a time. 

It’s all about personalization in Korean beauty. 

Everyone’s skin is different, and the Korean beauty philosophy places a strong emphasis on understanding one’s own skin. It does not have to be difficult! Take inventory of what you’re using, and if you ever have an allergic or bad reaction to something, look up the ingredients. Then look at a product that works for you and discover what ingredients it has. Paying attention to ingredients over time will help you find patterns—ingredients that your skin reacts to.

Because not everyone needs or wants the same quantity of hydration, certain solutions are built to be adaptable and buildable. Essences, for example, are designed to be applied after washing and toning. Apply one layer of the essence to clean skin if your skin merely needs a sip of pleasant hydration. Have you just gotten off a plane or are you fighting a cold and your skin is in desperate need of some TLC? Apply as many layers of essence as you require—even a dozen is sufficient. Understanding what works for you and what your skin craves each day is key to staying on top of your skin care game. It can go a long way toward assisting your skin to be at its best.

Hope it helps!