How to make the best use of Internet?

If you believe that browsing the internet is a waste of time, it’s possible that you’ve been visiting only the most worthless websites. 

Going to the sites we suggest is one of the most beneficial things you can do on the internet! These suggestions can help you train your brain and enhance your communication abilities, plus you’ll also find a lot of useful life hacks! 

The following are the things you should be aware of:

Find out something new. 

It is never too late to pick up a new talent. And no talent is ever squandered. Coursera and MIT Open Course Ware, for example, are fantastic sources of information, offering free courses on a wide range of topics and skill areas. 

If you don’t want to take a course, check out websites like Quora (a fun discussion community), LifeHacker (a well of tips on how to get things done), StumbleUpon (good recommendations on websites based on your interests), HowStuffWorks (to become a little bit wiser about the things around you), Duolingo (a fun web app to learn the basics of a new language), or even Wikipedia, for that matter, to (perhaps) raise your IQ or just Learning anything new keeps the mind stimulated and energised, as I have discovered through personal experience. And it’s all for free!

Form ideas and perspectives on the world. 

The only thing that is worse than having no opinions is having useless ones. Increase your social quotient by learning about different worldviews and perspectives by subscribing to fascinating YouTube channels or watching TEDTalks (a personal favourite I must say). If you like to read instead, my top recommendations are FastCompany (I read their articles, case studies, and blogs frequently), Entrepreneur (for some inspiring stores), and Goodreads (to find recommendations on the next great book to read).

Make a plan. 

Make an attempt to manage your life rather than just wasting time on the internet. To begin, consider organising your computer files (remember that stack of photos you’ve been wanting to sort? Begin there). You might want to empty your inboxes every now and then. Respond to all of the emails you’ve been putting off and get them out of the way. It’s nice to wake up with an empty inbox (or a relatively empty one, too). Another useful thing to do is to utilise part of your free internet time to organise your finances, pay your bills, and research your investments. If this last paragraph piqued your curiosity, check out Investopedia for some helpful hints and lessons on personal finance and investing.

Bring your personal and professional lives up to date. 

Make use of your leisure time to reconnect with family and friends. Instead of sending a text message, make a Skype call. A hearty chat with a close buddy can sometimes be all you need to feel accomplished. 

Even if you adore your job, it’s a good idea to update your résumé (or a professional profile on sites like LinkedIn) on a regular basis. At times, it’s a good personal development check. Allow this exercise to serve as a reminder to keep your abilities up to date and to stay productive.

Make a Difference 

You have so many opportunities to make a difference in the world, especially in your town. 

You can connect with people who are working towards a common goal and join them through technology. You can also use community choices to give advice. Technology has made it easier to find information, interact with others, and effect change. 

If you wish to contribute back to the community, for example, you may simply search for non-profit organizations in your area and contact them via email. Soon, you’ll be able to assist them in realizing their vision and effecting change.