Indrani Chocolate Wax


  • Chocolate wax is loaded with wonderful elements like almond oil, glycerine, cocoa beans, sunflower oil, soya bean oils, and many vitamins and minerals that make your skin soft.
  • Chocolate wax coats and removes even the tiniest of hair, leaving behind smooth, hairless skin.
  • Chocolate wax pampers your skin thoroughly, leaving you with glowing skin at the end of the waxing routine.


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About –

Indrani Cold Wax is excellent for hair removal. It promotes hydration of skin and less inner hair growth, longer hair regrowth period. It leaves your skin smooth and hair free. It contains Choco powder which gives a soft and silky look to the skin.


Apply a warm thin layer on the skin. Place a waxing strip and remove in quick movements in opposite direction.


Lemon Juice, Sugar, Sodium Methyl Paraben, Sodium Propyl Paraben, Perfume, D.M Water, Cocoa Powder.


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600gm, 5kg