Indrani Camphor Lotion


  • Excellent as an Anti Septic
  • Healing Properties help in dry skin especially to dry pimples
  • Eradicates pimples
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An antiseptic, drying, healing lotion especially to dry pimples. Indrani Cosmetics Camphor Lotion restores your skin’s healthy acid balance after cleanser. Its unique formula imparts anti-bacterial benefits after cleansing, helps restore skin’s normal pH balance, as it fights the excess oil condition and refreshes the skin. Camphor also stimulates circulation.

How to Use : Mix with Indrani pimple pack. Apply on a face. Wait till dry Wash off with plain water. Use once a week till a pimple vanish.

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10ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1litr, 5litr


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